Information and Resources for Researchers New to the CRN

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Video perspective The CRN provides a research environment that encourages and facilitates collaboration with external researchers. These short videos present new potential collaborators with information about our research environment, our data, and how to collaborate with us. CRN Scientists, NCI Staff, and external collaborators are highlighted to offer a variety of perspectives.
Online inquiry form
(for developed research ideas)
Researchers who are interested in collaborating with the CRN should complete the online inquiry form.
Projects and Publications Researchers new to the CRN are encouraged to review the list of CRN Projects and Publications, which are meant to provide information about the:
  • types of projects that CRN researchers are involved in,
  • researchers involved in specific areas of research, which may help determine who to target as a potential collaborator, and
  • types of research that have already been completed in the CRN, to prevent overlap of future research projects.
DataExternal Web Site Policy The Health Care Systems Research Network Virtual Data Warehouse: A Public Data Model to Support Collaboration -- This article highlights the HCSRN VDW data model, its governance principles, data content, and quality assurance procedures.
Scientific Working Groups The CRN promotes cancer research with a particular focus in four broad areas that cover the spectrum of population sciences cancer research. The Scientific Working Groups (SWGs) have been established to promote, discuss and shape research ideas and initiatives in each of these areas. Each SWG is led by researchers at CRN Sites and at collaborating institutions. The SWG areas are:
  • Prevention & Screening
  • Epidemiology of Prognosis & Outcomes
  • Health Care Quality & Cost
  • Communications & Dissemination
Researchers interested in these areas are invited to join conference calls and contact SWGs Lead directly. For more information about these groups and how to get involved, visit our website.
Collaboration Overview The CRN welcomes opportunities to collaborate with colleagues across the CRN, the Health Care Systems Research Network, and other research institutions to address high priority areas of cancer research.
Process for Requesting Data Once you have established a collaborative partnership with a CRN Investigator, it may be appropriate to submit a preliminary request for summary-level data.