Pilot & Developmental Projects Program


The Cancer Research Network (CRN) supports activities and projects (e.g., collection of pilot data to support specific objectives in a grant submission or convening an in person meeting) with the objective that these efforts will support the submission of larger research grants and directly lead to further research addressing issues that can decrease the burden of cancer. Application priority focus areas as well as deadlines, restrictions, and requirements vary from year to year.

CRN Calls for Applications – Funding Mechanisms and Reference Material
Mechanism Information Packet Status
2015 Opportunity Fund [View] (PDF, 390 KB) Closed. Applications no longer accepted.
2014 Pilot & Developmental Projects Program [View] (PDF, 931 KB) Closed. Applications no longer accepted.
2013 Pilot & Developmental Projects Program [View] (PDF, 815 KB) Closed. Applications no longer accepted.

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Pilot & Developmental Project Awardees

Below is a list of past CRN Pilot & Developmental Project Awardees and their corresponding project titles. All projects involve population sciences research – epidemiologic studies or health care services research, broadly defined – that is conducted within the integrated health care settings of the CRN and its affiliate sites.


Bette Caan, Kaiser Permanente Northern California
Resistance Training to Decrease Chemotoxicity in Colon Cancer Patients.

Mateo Banegas, Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Patient Cost-Sharing: Impact on Cancer Treatment and Outcomes.

Mara Epstein, Meyers Primary Care Institute
Medication Use and Hematological Cancer Risk.

Diana Buist, Group Health Cooperative
Exploring Opting Out of Lung Cancer Screening Participation in Long-Term Smokers.

Scott Gilbert, Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Developing a Patient- and Caregiver-Centered Psycho-Educational Tool to Support Recovery after Cystectomy.

Sarah Birken, Kaiser Permanente Southern California
Addressing Stakeholders' Perspectives in Survivorship Care Plan Implementation.


Gabriel Brooks, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Identifying Patients with Elevated Risk of Chemotherapy-related Hospitalization.

Jason Lott, Yale University
Utilization and Outcomes of Skin Biopsies for Cutaneous Malignancies.

Carmit McMullen, Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Developing Effective Interventions to Improve Healthcare Provider Endorsement of HPV Vaccination.

Hazel Nichols, UNC Chapel Hill
Identifying a Cohort of Women Who Use Breast Cancer Chemoprevention.

Pamala Pawloski, Health Partners
Developing a Model to Predict Neutropenia Risk in Patients with Cancer using the VDW.

Dori Rosenberg, Group Health Cooperative
Physical activity and sedentary behavior data capture in men with prostate cancer.

Ramzi Salloum, University of South Carolina
Patterns of Care and Recurrence of Prostate Cancer.


David Carrell, Group Health Research Institute
Development of NLP Algorithms or Other Mechanisms to Capture Molecular Markers From Tumors.

Jersey Chen, KP Mid Atlantic States
Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction after Trastuzumab Therapy for Breast Cancer.

Mara Epstein, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Are 2 Jars Sufficient for Pathology Examination of Extended Core Prostate Biopsy?

Farhood Farjah, University of Washington
Automated Tool to Measure Lung Cancer Risk Factors in Pulmonary Nodule Patients.

Jennifer Mack, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Intensity of End-of-Life Care among Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer.

Maureen O'Keeffe-Rosetti, Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Expansion and Updating of the Standardized Relative Resource Use Costing Model.

Darren Toh, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute
Building the capability to conduct population-based research on cancer during pregnancy.

Chu-Ling Yu, KP Mid Atlantic States
Establishing a cohort to study cancers in organ transplant recipients.


Elizabeth Trice Loggers, Group Health Research Institute
Diffusion of Community-based Radiation Oncology

Nora Henrikson, Group Health Research Institute
Integrating cost communication into cancer care

Sarah Cutrona, Meyers Primary Care Institute, Andrew Williams, KP Hawaii, Doug Roblin, KP Georgia
Friend to Friend: Colorectal Cancer Screening Discussions Among Members of Social Networks


Corinna Koebnick, KP Southern California, Lawrence Kushi, KP Northern California
Establish a Prospective Cohort to Investigate Obesity, Diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome as Risk Factors in Young Adult Cancer

Maryam Asgari, KP Northern California, Melody Eide, Henry Ford Health System
Non-melanoma skin cancer ascertainment in the HMO Setting

Kathleen Mazor, Meyers Primary Care Institute, Doug Roblin, KP Georgia, Gwen Alexander Henry Ford Health System, and Sarah Greene, Group Health Research Institute
Studying Communication over the Cancer Care Continuum: A Feasibility Study

Heather Feigelson, KP Colorado
Does Weight Loss Among Postmenopausal Women Decrease Risk of Breast Cancer?

Adedayo Onitilo, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation
Lymph Node Examination in Colorectal Cancer: Predictors of Adequate Staging and Its Influence on Cancer Survival in Community Practice

Maryam Asgari, KP Northern California, Melody Eide, Henry Ford Health System
Comparing Characteristics of CRN Melanoma Cases to the National SEER Database

Kenneth Adams, HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research
Colonoscopy Adenoma Outcomes as Predicted by Lifestyle Risk Factors

Porat Erlich, Geisinger Health System, Nirav Shah KP Southern California
The Colonoscopy Lookout Utilization and Effectiveness (CLUE) Study


Sarah Greene, Group Health Research Institute, Andrea Altschuler, KP Northern California, Ann Geiger, Wake Forest
Childhood, Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors - CRN Feasibility Pilot

Kathleen Walsh, Meyers Primary Care Institute, Doug Roblin, KP Georgia
Preventing Errors in the Home Care of Children with Cancer

Deanna Cross, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation
Development of a Model for Predicting Prostate Cancer

Diana Miglioretti, Group Health Research Institute, Rebecca Smith-Bindman, University of California at San Francisco
Medical Radiation Induced Cancers


Alanna Kulchak Rahm, KP Colorado
Media Coverage and Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Genetic Tests

Carol Somkin, KP Northern California, Michael Potter, University of California at San Francisco
Opportunistic Colorectal Cancer Screening: Providing FIT with Annual Flu Shots

Debra Ritzwoller, KP Colorado, Douglas Roblin, KP Georgia
Chemotherapy and Coinsurance: The Effect of Cost Sharing on Cancer Care

Chyke Doubeni, Meyers Primary Care Institute, Scott Robinson, Lovelace, Douglas Roblin, KP Georgia
Socioeconomic Diversity in Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems

Andrea Cook, Group Health Research Institute, Tracy Onega and Xun Shi, Dartmouth
Development of a Versatile Geospatial Database within the CRN


Kari Bohlke, Group Health Research Institute
Use of an Interactive Voice Response System, with Physician Feedback, to Reduce Cancer Symptoms: A Pilot Study


Martin Tammemagi, Henry Ford Health System
African American Disparities in Lung Cancer Outcomes

Steven Dudas, Henry Ford Health System
Investigation of Age-specific Differences & Cancer of the Cecal Colon

Joshua Fenton, University of Washington, Michael Von Korff, Group Health Research Institute
Do Acute and Chronic Illness Trump Preventive Care? A Case Study of Breast and Colon Cancer Screening

Reina Haque, KP Southern California
Accuracy of Automated Data on Colorectal Cancer Screening

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