CRN Authorship & the NIH Public Access Policy

Most NIH-funded investigators are aware that the NIH Public Access Policy applies to any peer-reviewed publications that result from NIH funding. This legislation requires that journal articles reporting on NIH-funded research be deposited into the National Library of Medicine's online archive, PubMed Central, within 12 months of publication. This policy has been active since NIH Fiscal Year 2008 (beginning October 1, 2007).

The NIH Public Access Policy applies to any manuscript that:

The Public Access Policy As It Applies to CRN Manuscripts

The Cancer Research Network is an NIH cooperative agreement that has been active continuously since 1999. The Public Access Policy applies to any peer-reviewed journal publications that result from funding through the NCI's CRN and that meet the other criteria listed above. Authors who have questions about whether a written work is a CRN manuscript should consult the Publications Committee by e-mailing the CRN Coordinating Center.

NIH Manuscript Submission System

To facilitate submission of articles to PubMed Central (PMC), NIH developed the NIH Manuscript Submission (NIHMS) system. The NIH provides detailed online instructions. These instructions include essential procedures such as copyright and a list of journals which automatically submit to PMC. Some journals will submit manuscripts to PMC on behalf of their authors. When this happens, authors still have to provide the associated award information, and review and approve the article. The NIHMS will contact them by e-mail to do so.

Steps for CRN Authors

When your CRN papers are accepted for publication, here is what you need to know about submitting them to the NIHMS:

  1. Lead authors (or an assistant or a librarian in their organization) log on to the NIHMS to submit a copy of the accepted peer-reviewed manuscript and associated files (e.g., Microsoft Word document and figures).
  2. If NCI's CRN funding supported the manuscript, the author enters relevant grant number(s) into the NIHMS system. For manuscripts that result from funding from the first three cycles of funding (ending April 30, 2012, plus a no-cost extension year through April 30, 2013), the grant number is U19 CA079689. For manuscripts that result from CRN4, which began September 25, 2012, the grant number is U24 CA171524.
  3. NIHMS will inform the author that Ed Wagner (CRN1-3) or Lawrence Kushi (CRN4) is the PI of the NCI's CRN and as such, one or both of them must approve the submission and affirm that copyright allows deposit to PMC.
  4. Inform the CRN Coordinating Center that you submitted a manuscript to NIHMS and send copies of the files you submitted, so the PI Office can track the approval process.
  5. The NIHMS will convert the deposited files into a standard PMC format, and will e-mail the formatted manuscript to Dr. Wagner or Dr. Kushi to make any necessary corrections and approve its release.
  6. The NIHMS automatically sends the article to PubMed Central for public posting after the delay period specified during submission.