Process for Requesting Data


The Prep-to-Research (PTR) Form should be reviewed, completed, and submitted by any investigator who wishes to obtain summary counts to help with a grant application. The CRN Coordinating Center (CC) and Informatics Core (IC) are tasked with facilitating PTR and other requests for summary-level CRN data. Please note that these data are provided only for preparatory to research purposes and should not be used without explicit permission from sites and the Coordinating Center. They may contain proprietary Site information, therefore permission is needed from each contributing Site to use that Site's numbers for any purpose including in a grant proposal, poster, or publication.

Reference Materials

If this is your first time submitting a Prep-to-Research Form with the CRN, please review these materials before proceeding:

PTR Form

Once you have reviewed the materials above, you may complete the Preparatory-to-Research Online FormExternal Web Site Policy.

Summary of the Process:

The CRN supports data management and analysis infrastructure at nine US health care systems ("our Sites"). While data are collected and maintained independently by each Site, a system of data standards and automated processes known as the Virtual Data Warehouse (VDW) has been established to facilitate consistent data analysis across the network.