CRN Collaboration Process

The CRN welcomes opportunities to collaborate with colleagues across the CRN and other research institutions to address high priority areas of cancer research.

The CRN has developed standardized data resources to increase the quality and efficiency of research using electronic data. These include the Virtual Data Warehouse (VDW), cancer counters, and other site-specific extracts of electronic medical records. Most CRN sites have access to enrollment, utilization, and procedure data. However, often times, primary data collection or validation of VDW data is required to be included in a research grant proposal.

PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of the Developmental & Pilot Projects Program, the CRN does not fund research grants itself. It promotes discussions and collaborations that may result in applications for funding. The CRN also focuses on population sciences research that is conducted in the CRN integrated health care setting. The CRN does not conduct bench science.

Step 1

Researchers interested in collaborating with the CRN must submit an inquiry for collaboration.

Step 2

The request will be reviewed and assigned to a CRN Point Person to determine if the project is a good fit for the CRN:

  1. Is the study feasible within the CRN?
  2. Is the research consistent with CRN aims?
  3. Does the project overlap with other current or pending CRN studies? Knowing this may help identify potential collaborators.

See our Publications and Project Portfolio.

Step 3

If the project is deemed a good fit for the CRN, the CRN Point Person will help identify a CRN Collaborator.

Step 4

Project moves forward.

A Prep-to-Research FormExternal Web Site Policy may be appropriate to submit at this time.