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 Volume VI, Issue 3 July 2005

In This Issue

News from NCI
What Can Communication Science Tell us About Promoting Optimal Dietary Behavior

On July 14-15, 2005 NCI will sponsor a workshop on communication science and diet. The meeting will be held in the Lister Hill Auditorium on the NIH Campus in Bethesda. Communication experts will help inform the area of nutrition in what has been learned/applied in other health behaviors (such as tobacco). Specific large topic areas to be addressed include media coverage; policy and nutrition; nutrition and special populations; and strategic campaigns applied to the area of nutrition.

More information about the workshop is available at:

- Martin Brown, NCI

Ed's Corner of the World

News from the CRN PI

EdLeah Tuzzio, our new CRN Project Director, Sarah Greene and I had a wonderful visit with the staff of the Clinical Research Unit at Kaiser Colorado. The growth of this unit has been extraordinary expanding their already talented pool of investigators and staff. We heard some exciting ideas for new studies.

Plans for a third phase of the CRN beginning in 2007 are underway. It will most likely require a new RFA and the approval of the NCI Board of Scientific Advisors. Our NCI colleagues have been very helpful in giving the CRN visibility; for example, a presentation of our work to the National Cancer Advisory Board, and a mention in the latest Cancer Bulletin. We expect that the RFA will again request proposals for specific research projects. The CRN Steering Committee decided that the selection of core projects for CRN 3 should be by open solicitation and peer-reviewed competition. To this end, we have distributed a Call for Concept Proposals. For those interested, the Call for Concept Proposals can be found on the CRN Web site. In addition to strong projects, the strength of our application will also depend on our productivity (aka papers published). Our JNCI Monograph is about to go to press, but we can never have enough publications.

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