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 Volume VI, Issue 2 May 2005

In This Issue

News from NCI
Critical Issues in eHealth Research

NCI, along with several other NIH Institutes and other organizations is sponsoring an upcoming conference on “Critical Issues in eHealth Research” The conference will be held June 9-10, 2005 at the Hyatt Regency Bethesda. The purpose of the conference is to encourage discussion, debate and identification of issues related to the theoretical and methodological aspects of eHealth research, especially in the contex to the current highly dynamic technological environment of communications technology. The meeting will convene government scientists, academic researchers from a variety of disciplines, survey research scientists and practitioners from the private and public sectors, and students to discuss the state-of-the-science of eHealth research theory, design, methodology, ethics and evaluation from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. For more information go to:

- Martin Brown, NCI

Ed's Corner of the World
News from the CRN PI Ed

It was good to see so many of you and our NCI colleagues in Santa Fe where we had a series of productive meetings. The meetings reaffirmed the progress of the CRN, the quality of our research, and the consonance of the Network and its research to the NCI’s new focus on the delivery of cancer care. We were also reminded repeatedly that we are viewed as a “national resource.” The Steering Committee has been considering what it means to be a national resource, and how best to balance the needs and aspirations of our research centers and investigators with this expectation.

In this vein, we have developed a collaborative agreement with the Dana- Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Cancer Center, and several site PIs are discussing similar linkages with other cancer centers. These developments will enhance our capacity and relevance (and prospects for renewal), but will further test our ability to collaborate effectively. We have learned that this is not easy, even when the collaborators are all from within the CRN family. We will need to become experts at forging and managing collaborative projects that build trust, and exploit the talents while meeting the career goals of all involved. No small challenge.

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