HMORN METHODS Collaboratory Supplement

This supplement award stems from interest on the part of the National Institutes of Health in enhancing the nation’s capacity to perform larger and more efficient interventions and analyses that collectively enable rapid responses to important questions in healthcare.

Over its 16 years of existence, the HMORN has contributed to path-breaking studies of cancer, cardiovascular disease, drug safety, maternal and infant health, and diabetes. The sites in the HMORN offer comprehensive data systems coupled with over 350 experienced scientists all working in highly regarded healthcare delivery systems. However, barriers remain to the Network fully leveraging the potential of its collective resources. The Collaboratory supplement is geared toward understanding the HMORN’s organizational structure and capacity in three areas: governance and operations; overall research portfolio and potential gaps in capacity; and data resources. A thoughtful analysis of the HMORN’s current and needed capabilities will accelerate its overall structural and scientific development.

The NIH Director, Dr. Frances Collins has identified three scientific areas the HMORN is particularly well-suited to address: practical and efficient clinical trials conducted in real-world settings; large epidemiology studies that employ high-throughput analysis of exposures and outcomes, utilizing the array of data sources within HMORN health systems; and health care delivery research that enables understanding of how changes in delivery models and structures can improve care.

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