KP Research Bank (KPNW Region)

KP is funding the development of the KP Research Bank (KPRB), a new national genetic research resource. The development of this resource will vastly expand KP’s ability to conduct cutting-edge research on the human genome and will put our organization in a strong position to contribute to innovative solutions in healthcare, including precision medicine. The primary aim is to create the physical capacity and infrastructure processes to collect, store and share biospecimens donated by KP members across all seven regions. We will recruit a total of 500,000 members aged 18 and older (including about 250,000 in regional biobanks). Most will be recruited to a ‘general cohort’ but we will also recruit 30,000 people with incident cancer and 60,000 newly pregnant women. Cohort members will donate blood specimens, will give permission for access to their electronic medical records, and will also fill out a baseline survey. Recruitment efforts will consist of online and mailed invitations, as well as various forms of publicity.

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