Michigan Center for Health Communications Research

The MCHCR (Dr. Vic Strecher, PI) is one of four NCI-designated Centers of Excellence in Cancer Communications Research. It was funded through a P50 grant and entails collaborating with the CRN to develop and test an efficient, theory-driven model for generating tailored health behavior interventions. The Center supports three core research projects along with several developmental studies. Core Project 1 (Project Quit) is testing a tailored, Web-based smoking cessation intervention; Core Project 2 (Eat for Life) is developing a tailored, print-based intervention designed to promote fruit and vegetable intake among African American adults; and Core Project 3 (Guide to Decide) is using a decision aid about breast cancer chemoprevention to test different approaches to presenting health risk information. All projects will employ a resolution IV fractional factorial design to determine the potential active ingredients of tailoring, including, but not limited to, communication factors such as message content, message framing, message source, and graphical presentation; individual factors such as culture and socio-demographics; and psychometric factors such as motivation and self-efficacy. The MCHCR collaborates with three CRN members (GHC, HFHS, and KPGA) to recruit and enroll research subjects.

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