MicroRNA in Breast Cancer

We have collaborated with Thomas Rohan of Albert Einstein School of Medicine on a number of projects. One project investigated the expression of microRNA (miRNA) in Benign Breast Disease (BBD) and how it related to the development of invasive breast cancer. Another study has investigated the Tumor Environment of Metastases (TMEM) in invasive breast cancers. Dr Rohan would like to investigate miRNA in invasive breast cancer and proposes to use left-over tissues from the TMEM project (about 250 specimens) for this work--we will submit an application to RSPO to allow this if the grant is funded. There are about 50 cases of breast cancer that will not have tissue available as the block that we provided will have been exhausted in the TMEM project. Most of these cases will have other blocks available and we propose to search for and identify 50 blocks that will then be sent to Einstein for the study.Data will be supplied by the Tumor Registry abstract as it was in the original TMEM study.

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