Pilot Study of Disenrollment among HMO Patients with Cancer

This study assessed turnover among enrollees with cancer diagnoses in five HMOs and how turnover may affect longitudinal cancer outcomes research. The Principal Investigator, Dr. Terry Field (MPCI), and colleagues studied the retention rates among cancer survivors over a six-year period. Enrollees were followed from diagnosis through death, disenrollment, or end of follow-up. The retention rates among survivors for all cancers combined at one and five years after diagnosis were 96.0 percent and 83.9 percent, respectively. The proportion of enrollees who remained enrolled and available for evaluation suggests that the CRN is well suited for studies of cancer quality of care, survivorship, and long-term outcomes. This led to a follow-up study that assessed racial disparities in cancer care and survival in more than 130,000 cancer patients.

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