Race, Treatment and Cardiovascular Health: A Study of Men with Prostate Cancer

Few studies have examined racial differences in cardiovascular disease (CVD) in men with prostate cancer, although CVD is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among men with prostate cancer. Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) for prostate cancer is associated with CVD events in men with prostate cancer. Little is known, however, about the relationship between ADT, changes in CVD risk factor profiles and development of CVD events in minority populations, despite CVD risk being disproportionally distributed among racial minorities in the general population. We will establish a retrospective cohort of 2,000 Caucasian and African-American prostate cancer cases. We hypothesize that among these cases (1) African Americans compared to Caucasians will have more deleterious changes in their CVD risk profile and will experience more CVD events and (2) CVD risk factor changes and events will be most profound in men treated with ADT. This study may identify modifiable factors that could improve the health of prostate cancer survivors and reduce disparities in the survivorship of African-American men with prostate cancer relative to Caucasian men.

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