The Impact of Endocrine Therapy on Survival in Men with Local or Regional Prostate Cancer in the Managed Care Environment

The purpose of this administrative supplement was to determine whether early use of anti-androgen therapy among men with local or regional prostate cancer has had an effect on survival. This study, led by Dr. Marianne Ulcickas Yood at Yale was conducted among men diagnosed with prostate cancer who are served by four CRN health plans: Group Health, Henry Ford Health System, Kaiser Permanente Northern California, and Kaiser Permanente Southern California. This collaborative effort includes more than 20,000 patients with localized or regional prostate cancer; 15% of whom received early hormonal therapy. This study was designed to efficiently evaluate the association between early hormonal treatment of prostate cancer and mortality by using automated data sources. Ancillary methodologic work performed through this study confirmed that automated data can be used to reliably classify hormone treatment exposure among men diagnosed with prostate cancer, although variability exists across HMO and over calendar time. Further analysis will determine whether a full study of hormone therapy and prostate cancer, using only automated data with these four CRN sites, is warranted and the parameters with which such a study should be undertaken.

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