Chemotherapy and Coinsurance: The Effect of Cost Sharing on Cancer Care

Dr. Debra Ritzwoller (KPC) is leading this multiyear, multisite CRN pilot study to assess the impact of coinsurance on receipt of cancer chemotherapy services among breast, colorectal, and lung cancer patients. This observational study will compare the rates of chemotherapy regimen use for a cohort of HMO cancer patients, before and after the implementation of 20% coinsurance on all infused chemotherapy services, at one of the sites. This study will leverage the ongoing efforts of the CRN VDW chemotherapy working group, and it is an unparalleled opportunity for the CRN to help inform policymakers of the potential impact of cost–sharing changes on cancer care. Given the potentially large economic and clinical consequences of new cancer therapies and greater patient cost-sharing requirements, this study will inform our understanding of how these changes may impact cancer treatment, compliance, outcomes, and costs.

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