Development of a method to assess obesity and treatment via EMR (IT Supplement)

This study had three aims: 1) Develop the concepts and rules necessary to assess obesity status, prevention, and treatment using EMRs; 2) Use this knowledge to extend MediClass, a technology for analyzing both coded- and free-text clinical data in any EMR, to the obesity domain; and, 3) Use this MediClass obesity application to describe obesity treatment in primary care within KPNW. The project team built an automated method to classify the EMR for assessing health status and care delivery for obese and overweight patients. This automated method provides an important first step in allowing comprehensive assessment of obesity status, counseling and treatment in large populations. A follow-on R01 application to advance this work at HealthPartners and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care was submitted in March, 2008 (Victor Stevens, PI).

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