Engaging PORTAL System Leaders in Identifying Priority Topics for PCORnet

We propose to form a network to participate in PCORI''s Clinical Data Research Network (CDRN) program, which will enhance the nation''s capacity to conduct comparative effectiveness research (CER) by creating a national electronic data infrastructure. This program will promote the development of data networks and will engage patients, clinicians, and health care systems in the research process. Kaiser Permanente''s 7 regions have joined together with Group Health Cooperative, HealthPartners (Minnesota), and Denver Health to form the PORTAL Network, which is applying to become one of these CDRNs. We will develop governance and data infrastructure approaches, conduct patient engagement activities, and develop innovative new methods to support patient engagement in research. We will form cohorts of patients with three conditions: colorectal cancer, congenital heart disease, and obesity, and will survey these patients to establish priorities for patient-centered research.

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