Enrolling Vietnamese and Chinese Women in Breast Cancer Treatment and Prevention Trials

This CRN Administrative Supplement explored the barriers preventing the accrual of Asian women in breast cancer treatment and prevention trials from the provider and patient perspectives. In a pilot study to assess barriers to participation, the study team surveyed 132 oncologists and interviewed 19 Asian-American women with cancer from Northern California. Forty-four oncologists responded. Identified barriers include language problems, lack of culturally relevant cancer information, and complex protocols. While most oncologists stated that they informed Asian-American women about treatment trials, only four women interviewed knew about trials. Other patient-identified barriers were fear of side effects, language problems, competing needs, and fear of experimentation. Family involvement in decision making was a barrier for both oncologists and patients. The findings indicate that Asian-American women need better (linguistically appropriate) information about cancer treatment trials, and future research should evaluate cultural barriers such as family decision making.

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