The HMO Cancer Research Network: Capacity, Collaboration, & Investigation (April 2010)

We are pleased to announce publication of the updated booklet, The HMO Cancer Research Network: Capacity, Collaboration, and Investigation. First published in 2008 and expanded and updated in April 2010, this publication was conceived as an important tool for communicating about the Cancer Research Network (CRN) and outlining the CRN's goals and opportunities by describing its research agenda, accomplishments, capacity, and future research potential. This booklet also serves as a "user's guide" for potential collaborators.

This April 2010 version contains a new section describing the CRN's comparative effectiveness research (CER). It also highlights the CRN Scholars Program, showcases the CRN's many fruitful collaborations, and summarizes the diverse projects that this group of investigators is working on, including those that received stimulus funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

It is our hope that readers will gain a greater understanding of how to become partners in this scientific community, how to work successfully with CRN members, and how to partner in utilizing the CRN's unique research resources and scientific expertise.

The PDF file of The HMO Cancer Research Network: Capacity, Collaboration, and Investigation can be accessed from the CRN Web site at A maximum of three printed copies of the publication can be obtained at no cost by calling 1-800-4-CANCER or by ordering online from the NCI Publications Locator (search by the keywords "hmo cancer research network").